Bus Ducts

Bus Ducts

Bending M/C
AW Busbar Bender BB-22
22 Ton Capacity
Time is reduced, suitable for 200mm width and 12mm thick busbars. Repeated operations.
Punching M/C
AW Punch press 730*8 CC
30 Ton Capacity
Scrap is reduced. Suitable for punching 20mm diameter hole up to 12mm thick AL/CU busbar.

Ferrule M/C
Letatwin LM-370A Electronic lettering M/C

Gives good aesthetic value to the job. Permanent marking ink is used.

Variable sizes of sleeve available.

Number of letters can be accommodated in one ferrule. Aesthetically good.

Tube available in various sizes, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm.

Printing method - Thermal Transfer method 300dpi.